Thank you for visiting my site and having interest in my work! I would love for you to get to know me a little more-

Born and raised on Kauai, I'm lucky to have such a special place to call home. Growing up, life was all about surfing, surfing, and more surfing. Pretty awesome right! Barefoot, covered in sand and not a care in the world.  My upbringing set a foundation for a life that I'm forever grateful for. 

High school came and I found photography while taking a digital media class. Back then digital cameras were fairly fresh on the scene and my mom gifted me a camera I would take everywhere. I took that little waterproof 6 megapixel camera in the surf, on hikes, behind waterfalls... It went to the limit with me until it broke/drowned.

What was I going to do. It was so amazing to capture all these special things in my life. I needed a new camera. But not another consumer camera, I craved the next level, something more serious. So I saved, and eventually bought an early model Canon SLR and a waterproof housing. Everything changed.

Photography became my job, my dream, my passion. I started selling my work as fine art pieces and living a life as a professional ocean/surf photographer. I've been to countries like Indonesia and Uruguay, worked with innovative companies like Hurley and Oakley, and even had my works featured on magazine covers.

Today, I am a recent transplant to Bend Oregon. After one visit, my partner and I knew we wanted to move. The outdoor lifestyle that brings everyone here is incredible. Snowboarding in the winter and stand-up paddling the lakes in the summer are my favorite. I am so excited to grow my brand and bring my photography to Oregon!

Being able to create happiness through vision is what drives my passion and leads me to live life with camera in hand. I find inspirational magic in each subject I immerse myself in, and I love to capture it. 

After getting a lot of requests to shoot weddings, families, and couples over the years I decided to create my own portraiture platform.

The benefits from capturing and creating these sentimental photos is the most special part about portraiture for me. The reaction, the happiness, watching worlds light up, I just can't help but feel the stoke too. It's quite special to create pictures that are cherished forever. I love portraiture and all it brings.

I look forward to working with you! 

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The magical opening image, a beautiful elopement in Koke'e